The Board

The Board of DSF consist of 16 members from across Denmark whereby eight people are elected at the political conference in autumn.

The rest represents each the member organizations in DSF and are elected in each member organization.


President, member of the Executive Committee

Johan Hedegaard Jørgensen
Tlf. 2819 4500

Vice President, member the Executive Committee

Signe Tolstrup Mathiasen

Tlf. 2819 4501

Vice President, member the Executive Committee

Søren Fauerskov Hansen

Tlf: 2819 4502

Member of the Executive Committee

Julian Lo Curlo
Tlf: 2819 4503

Member of the Executive Committee

Sandi Rizvic
Tlf: 2819 4504

Representantive from CBS Students at Copenhagen Business School

Iris Alvesson

Mikkel Nielsen

Representantive from Studentersamfundet at Aalborg University

Kenneth Frøsig

Representantive for The Student Council at the University of Copenhagen

Thomas Bæk Kristensen

Representantive from Polyteknisk Forening at the Technical University of Denmark

Andreas Rossau Goll

Representantive from The Student Council at Aarhus University

Alexander Estrup

Representantive from The Student Council at Roskilde University

Phillip Crilles Bacher

Marc Backhausen Erichsen

Representantive from Syddanske Studerende at the University of Southern Denmark

Katrine Sofia Lind

Representantive from Student Council at IT-University in Copenhagen

Marc Andersen

Lay member

Malik Bahloul

Lay member

Maya Elise Filskov

Lay member

Jens Philip Yazdani