Alliance partners

DSF collaborates with a wide range of actors at the education political scene. Here is some of the organisations that DSF collaborates with.

The Pupil and Student Movement:

DSF is organised within the Pupil and Student Movement (Elev- og studenterbevægelsen ESB), which consists of the following, besides DSF:

Other national partners:

  • The Danish Youth Council (DUF): Is a service- and interest organisation for socially engaging children- and youth organisations in Denmark. DSF is a member of DUF and receives financial support from the lottery funds through DUF along with aid for different projects and campaigns.
  • The Danish Consumer Council: An organisation that works to promote sustainable and socially responsible consumption.
  • The Student Counselling Service: Is an institution under the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. They provide social, psychological and psychiatric conselling and treatment to students.
  • Dansk Center for Undervisningsmiljø (DCUM): Is an independent public research-center that works to ensure a good education environment at all education institutions.
  • The Tenants’ National Organization (LLO): Is an cross-political member organisation that works to ensure tenants better conditions.

Besides the mentioned alliance partners DSF works with a number of unions, medias, think tanks and other interest organisations. In addition we have representatives in different councils and committees, who works with students and students conditions.

International alliance partners:

  • DSF is a member of the European Students’ Union (ESU) – a pan-European umbrella organisation for national student organisations with 47 members from 39 countries. ESU throws two general assemblies a year along with two student conferences, where DSF continuously participate with representatives from the Executive Committee and International Committee. The collaboration with ESU and other member organisations in the network also includes a number of projects, events, campaigns and gathering and exchanging of knowledge and experience. 
  • DSF is a member of the Nordic Presidential Meeting (NOM), which is a Nordic-Baltic network of 14 student organisations from Denmark, Norge, Sweden Finland, Greenland, Iceland, The Faroe Island, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The network meets two times in a year to exchange experiences and to collaborate in local and national matters.