The International Committee

The International Committee is a committee, under the Board, that works with issues regarding education policy on the Nordic, European and global level. The committee meets on a regular basis and represents DSF in relevant international forums.

The committee consists of students from education institutions in Denmark, who are interested in education policy on Nordic, European and global level.

On a daily basis, the committee works with these aspects:

  1. Policy making in cooperation with DSF and the Board.
  2. Representation of DSF in international relevant fora.
  3. Umbrella organisation for international partnership projects.

Political representation

The international committee deals with all the international matters that have an impact in our education system. Clear examples of these are, but not limited to, EU’s educational policies, the Bologna Process or the Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, the committee works to build ties with other national representative organisations of students around the world, as well as using their experiences to improve our organization.

DSF is member of the Nordic Presidential Meeting (NOM) and the European Students’ Union (ESU), both international umbrella organizations for national student unions in respectively the Nordic and Baltic countries and in Europe overall. The International Committee coordinates DSF’s representation in these.

Partnership projects

The International Committee coordinates partnership projects with other national union of students from countries around the world. These projects are based on capacity building and knowledge sharing. Currently, we are conducting two partnership projects: one in Palestine, together with Palestinian Student Council Forum (PSCF) and one in Zimbabwe, with Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU).

If you are interested in participating in the International Committee or if you just would like to hear more, please do not hesitate to contact