Danish-Swedish Ministerial Seminar on Higher Education

The Swedish Association of Student Unions (SFS) and the Danish National Union of Students (DSF) invites you to start the year with a high-level seminar on reforms to improve the quality of higher education. Society is rapidly changing, yet the Swedish higher education system has not undergone any comprehensive reforms since the university reform of […]

Social ulighed på lange videregående uddannelser

I denne undersøgelse sætter vi i Danske Studerendes Fællesråd spotlight på den sociale ulighed der økonomisk er ved at studere. Børn med ufaglærte forældre optager mere SU-gæld, arbejder flere timer om ugen og falder mere fra på deres uddannelse. Det skal vi tage alvorligt! Og særligt når Regeringen vil fjerne det 6. SU-år er det […]

Notat – Studerendes Perspektiv på Forberedt på Fremtiden I

Vi er meget kritiske over for regeringens reformudspil Forberedt på fremtiden I.Forneden kan vores notat af udspillet læses! Hvis man gerne vil stå med os imod dette udspil, kan man i morgen komme forbi Rigsdagsgården klokken 8:00 til aktion:https://fb.me/e/2LVcdLy5F

Aktionsmøde om 1-årige kandidater

I regeringsgrundlaget annoncerede regeringen at de ville arbejde imod nogle mere erhvervsrettede 1-årige kandidater. Det vil vi i DSF gerne være klar til at kunne kæmpe imod.Derfor afholder vi i næste uge to aktionsmøder, et i Århus og et i København. Det kan du også være med til! Vil du høre mere og være med […]

Nyt Forretningsudvalg i DSF

I dag tiltræder vores nye forretningsudvalg i Danske Studerendes Fællesråd!
Det betyder, at vi skal sige farvel til vores nu forhenværende forperson, Julie Lindmann, udannelsespolitiske næstformand, Mick Scholtka & international ansvarlig, Jacob Blasius.

Vores nye forretningsudvalg består af Esben Bjørn Salmonsen som forperson, Maria Køpke Kjeldsen som levevilkårspolitisk næstforperson, Lauge Lunding Bach som uddannelsespolitisk næstforperson, Victor Roslyng-Jensen som organisationsansvarlig & Michella Ravn Søndergaard som menigt medlem af forretningsudvalget.
Vi, i det nye forretningsudvalg, glæder os til et år hvor vi, sammen med vores medlemsorganisationer, fortsat skal kæmpe for bedre uddannelser og vilkår for de studerende.

DSF Reception 2023

Danske Studerendes Fællesråd afholder reception d. 3. februar 2023 kl. 16.00 i Studenterhusets lokaler på Købmagergade 52 Vi byder velkommen til det kommende forretningsudvalg i DSF, der tiltræder den 1. februar 2023. Her tiltræder Esben Bjørn Salmonsen som forperson, Maria Køpke som levevilkårspolitisk næstforperson, Lauge Lunding Bach som uddannelsespolitisk næstforperson, Victor Roslyng-Jensen som organisations og […]

Same fight since 1932 – DSF turned 90 years old

After 90 years of struggle for students, it was time to celebrate DSF with toasts and stories from the old days.

The celebration was kicked off by president Julie Lindmann, who with pride in her voice could thank young and old people for all the work they had put in over the years in the fight for good education and fair living conditions. Many battles have been won and many battles we still fight.

The Regensen's ballroom had been decorated with posters and printed materials from the many years of work. In the Studenterbladet from 1956, you could e.g. read about DSF's participation in the international student conference in Sri Lanka (then called Ceylon), where proposals had been made for closer European cooperation. In the magazine from 1960, there is a complaint that the expansion of the University of Copenhagen's buildings is going too slowly - and in that way, DSF's past is not very different from its present.

Julie Lindmann holdt åbningstale.

Over the years, DSF has had many and wide-ranging collaborations and just as often has fought against people who tried to undermine higher education. One of the people who, for better or for worse, has almost iconic status in the student movement is Bertel Haarder, who was naturally invited to the celebration. The former minister told how his first meeting with DSF was as a young student and active in the Student Council at Aarhus University. Here, the fight against unreasonable rules and professorial authority required students to get involved, and even though he thought the '68s were too much, he thought back to his time with many good memories and a little bit of love.

There were also speeches from DM chairman Camilla Gregersen and Tech ambassador in Silicon Valley Anne Marie Engtoft Larsen. Both had been at the head of DSF and recalled how their struggles had shaped the education landscape and themselves as people.

Ved fotovæggen kunne gensyn af gamle venner blive foreviget.

The Executive Committee 2022 thanks everyone who took part in the celebration, and especially thanks to all those who have demonstrated, discussed and dissected education policy over the past 9o years. We are looking forward to handing the organization over to new student representatives next year who will continue the fight.

European student organizations at marathon meeting in Prague

How do students define academic integrity and what is the future of Student-centered learning? These and many other topics were discussed at the 83rd Board Meeting of The European Students' Union (ESU).

In week 47, DSF sent four representatives to the biannual general meeting of our European umbrella organization. The meeting offered new knowledge, technical discussions and close votes. Our hosts SK RVŠ had invited us to presentations and workshops on student activism and European university collaborations.

With prices rising all over Europe, it was obvious that one of the big issues was student poverty. In Denmark, we feel it especially on the food budget, while in other countries it is the electricity bill that has become astronomical. We were therefore pleased to pass a resolution on student poverty.

[tweet https://twitter.com/ESUtwt/status/1593173101449121792]

There were many important topics over the seven days, but there was also time to get to know each other and share experiences. For DSF, our European organization must not only be a strong voice in the EU institutions and the Bologna process, but also the place where we can lay the foundation for new collaborations across the board. As students, we are stronger together.

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