DSF offers a wide range of courses which both works to upgrade skills of larger or smaller groups and for more or less trained student politicians.

Courses offered:

Many member organisations ask for specific presentations, which fits their political agenda, and therefore, we often customize presentations to fit the needs of the individual member organisation.

Still there are a lot who ask for the following presentations and we list them here as an inspiration source, if you are looking for a presentation to your student council:

  • Campaign planning
  • Coordination of volunteers
  • Political presentations:
    • Accreditation
    • Housing policy
    • The student grant system
    • Finance Act presentation
  • Social media and communication

Order a course

DSF’s courses are free for member organisations, and we strive to find as competent speakers as possible. Our network of speakers is wide, but mostly consists of people who have been or currently are active within the Pupil- and Student Movement. Sometimes we have external speakers for our national courses.

If you and your organisation are interested in hearing more or ordering a course, do not hesitate to contact the course responsible our consultant Aja Heinze, by mail at or by calling 3332 4813.