DSF's international work ranges widely. We shape the European education landscape through The European Students’ Union (ESU), collaborates across national borders in Students Organizing for Sustainability International, and we fight for Denmark to make a contribution to building education systems for the world's most vulnerable through development aid.

We also cooperate with the other Nordic student organizations in the Nordic President's Meeting (NOM), and fight for the rights of international students in Denmark. Our partnership projects build bridges to student organizations in other countries and give us new perspectives on our own work. 

Board meeting at the European Students' Union, Paris

Vil du arbejde internationalt?

Vær med i vores internationale projekter i Danske Studerendes Fællesråd


  • Hands-on projektledelse
  • Erfaring til dit CV
  • Klima, ligestilling, studenterpolitik & andre emner
  • Økonomistyring
  • Projektrejser
  • Gratis efteruddannelse & kurser


Du kan lægge få eller flere timer i de frivillige arbejde, afhængig af din lyst. Vores projektgrupper mødes pt i København + online – men nye grupper kan lige så godt mødes i Aalborg, Aarhus eller andre steder.

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The Shamwari Project (2014-present)

The partnership between DSF and ZINASU was initiated in 2014 and strengthens both organisations' international network and enhances cultural humility and intercultural learning. The Partnership Project seeks to address problems within educational equality, student rights and students‘ living conditions.


The Palestine project (2010-2022)

The project is tasked with creating a Palestinian interest organization for students. The organization must safeguard student rights and champion the students' cause in terms of living conditions and study environment. Likewise, it is hoped that such an organization will promote dialogue across the universities in Palestine. 


The Insofu project (2022-present)

We collaborate with the national student movement in Zambia (Zanasu) to increase academic freedom – understood as the right to education. The project is launched in 2022 and aims to improve structural inequality in access to higher education, human rights violations and lack of equality in education.

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