Partnership with PSCF (2010-2022)

The purpose of the Palestine project was to create a Palestinian interest organization for students. The organization had to be able to safeguard student rights and champion the students' cause in terms of living conditions and study environment. It was also hoped that such an organization would promote dialogue across the universities in Palestine, and in the longer term create informal and formal cooperation between the various students at the universities in the West Bank in Palestine. 

The first part of the project was highlighted in DUF's magazine Fokus.

The project has held meetings in Palestine between the Danish and Palestinian project groups. In January 2016, DSF and PSCF (Palestinian Student Council Forum) met and focused on setting up the formal framework for the Palestinian organization (the association's statutes), as well as contacting various stakeholders such as media, universities, politicians, etc. In October 2016, a leadership exchange with ten Danish participants from the project group, the secretariat and Landsforum (the Board of DSF). 

The project has generally met the success criteria of bringing together more than six universities on the West Bank. DSF has strengthened its international outlook, gained new knowledge about organization and dialogue about student rights.

From the project period 2018-2020, the focus was on strengthening PSCF even more as a national student organization that can bring together all students on the West Bank.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Danish project group focused on maintaining contact with the students in Palestine and continuing the work under the now even more difficult conditions. 

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