The Shamwari project

The partnership between DSF and ZINASU was initiated in 2014 and strengthens both organisations' international network and enhances cultural humility and intercultural learning. It furthers political agendas through peer learning, collaboration, and solidarity engagement through for example individual and group capacity building and development-oriented workshops, information sharing and exchange of experiences. The Partnership Project seeks to address problems within educational equality, student rights and students‘ living conditions.

ZINASU is the only independent student organization in Zimbabwe that fights the cause of all students. They have existed since 1989 and represent several hundred thousand students from 48 institutions in six different districts. It is not unusual for students who are active in ZINASU to be kicked out, arrested and suspended from their studies if they hold meetings, organize protests and the like. There are therefore difficult conditions for student political activism in Zimbabwe, where the government does not tolerate political opposition.

ZINASU works for equal access to education, free education and financial support for needy students. In addition, they fight fiercely for the right to be asked and heard when it comes to education policy in the country.

With a collaboration between DSF and ZINASU, both organizations hope to be able to learn from each other's work and methods, and not least, that Zimbabwean students can strengthen their voice locally and nationally.

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