Climate & Sustainability

As a society, we are facing a climate crisis. DSF believes that Denmark must take the lead by implementing solutions based on the work of relevant researchers and experts. Political action is needed at all levels.

As students at the country's higher education, we also have a responsibility and must do our part to contribute to the necessary changes to combat the climate crisis. We believe that everyone has the right to a future with a stable climate and good living conditions. Therefore, we believe that current political decision-makers must take greater responsibility for introducing measures that can reverse this development.

Education for Sustainable Development

DSF is involved in the partnerships for Education for Sustainable Development (UBU). Here we work together with 80 other organizations to find joint sustainable solutions in everything from education to research to the operation of institutions. 

In September 2022, we published the report Towards education for sustainable development, where opportunities and barriers within the area were clarified. 

Students Organizing for Sustainability International

In 2019, DSF founded together with National Union of Students, Students Organizing for Sustainability International – also known as SOS International. The aim has ever since been to get student organizations across national borders to collaborate on sustainability.  

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