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DSF offers a wide range of courses which can both serve as upskilling for larger or smaller groups, and for more or less seasoned student politicians. We usually tailor presentations that suit the individual member organisation.

DSF's courses are free for the member organisations, and we endeavor to find as competent presenters as possible. Our network of presenters extends widely, but mostly consists of people who have been, or are, active in the student and student movement. Sometimes we also bring in external presenters for our national courses.

Book a course

If you and your organization are interested in hearing more or booking a course, do not hesitate to contactHead of secretariat Rasmus Lindboe

Perhaps you lack knowledge within? 

  • Campaign planning
  • Management of volunteers
  • Accreditation
  • Housing policy
  • The SU system
  • The Finance Act
  • Social media and communication

Safe Communities in the Academic Setting

Safe communities in the academic setting 
The catalog for safe communities in the academic setting is a tool for you as a student who wants to create a positive change in your study environment and in the communities you are a part of. Here, you can find inspiration on how to conduct a meaningful workshop for your fellow students. Whether you are a tutor, responsible for your Friday bar, or part of a project group at the university, this catalog can be utilized. 
There are 8 different exercises, as well as concepts and tools such as bystander training, which can equip you and your fellow students to make a positive difference in the communities you are a part of. The exercises in the catalog can be taken individually, and in just 20 minutes, you can make significant progress - but there are also longer program suggestions in the catalog. 
DSF's member organizations can get a speaker for free to facilitate a workshop or prepare someone to hold their own! To learn more about it, you can contact our secretary leader, Rasmus Lindboe
The catalog can be downloaded for free on our website. It is available in both Danish and English and is most printer-friendly in A5 format. 
You can use the following link id you wish to download the english version of the catalog:

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