Courses & workshops

DSF offers a wide range of courses which can both serve as upskilling for larger or smaller groups, and for more or less seasoned student politicians. We usually tailor presentations that suit the individual member organisation.

DSF's courses are free for the member organisations, and we endeavor to find as competent presenters as possible. Our network of presenters extends widely, but mostly consists of people who have been, or are, active in the student and student movement. Sometimes we also bring in external presenters for our national courses.

Book a course

If you and your organization are interested in hearing more or booking a course, do not hesitate to contactHead of secretariat Rasmus Lindboe

Perhaps you lack knowledge within? 

  • Campaign planning
  • Management of volunteers
  • Accreditation
  • Housing policy
  • The SU system
  • The Finance Act
  • Social media and communication

Course catalog 2022

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