Who are we?

The National Union of Students in Denmark (in Danish, Danske Studerendes Fællesråd (DSF)) is the national union for students enrolled in higher educations in Denmark. Through 20 member organizations DSF represents around 165.000 students across the country. With this background and in close contact with a wide range of partners, DSF works on a daily basis to ensure students the best possible educations and living conditions. We have done so since 1932. DSF is an umbrella organization for 20 Member organizations, which are independent student councils and student organizations, primarily located at higher education institutions.

Member organizations
On a daily basis, the member organizations work at their education institutions to ensure that students’ interests are being heard on the local level.

Twice a year, all member organizations gather for DSFs Political Conference, where it is for the member organizations to determine DSFs political course and to choose the political leadership of DSF.

The political leadership of DSF 
The 5-person full-time political leadership of DSF consists of a president and two vice-presidents, responsible for academic affairs, and welfare and social affairs, and an organizational officer and an international officer. Together they form the Executive Committee of DSF.

The Executive Committee are elected for a period of one year, and takes action to implement the decisions made by the Political Conference. In the political work the Executive Committee refers to four committees: the Academic Affairs Committee, Welfare and Social Affairs Committee, Organizational committee and International Committee. The board of DSF is responsible for the major strategic and political decisions for the organization.

International work
In addition to the political work in Denmark, DSF is also engaged in international student politics. This is primarily through the International Committee who represents DSF in the Nordic collaboration, Nordic Presidential Meeting (NOM) and in the European student organization, European Students’ Union (ESU). At the same time DSF is engaged in partnership projects with students from other countries, such as Palestine and Zimbabwe.

All students can participate in student politics and there are many opportunities to get influence as an active participant within DSF.

DSF is independent from partisan interest

Bestyrelse 2023

National Union of Students in Denmark

Esben Bjørn Salmonsen

Lauge Lunding Bach

Maria Køpke

Michella Ravn

Victor Roslyng-Jensen


Marie Elisabet Strøyberg

Studenterrådet ved Aarhus Universitet

Anders Mengers Andersen

Jeanette Kusk

Syddanske Studerende 

Sebastian MB Larsen

Maja Dithmar Oscar

Studenterrådet ved Roskilde Universitet

Mads Hansen Bager

Daniel Bjerregård

Student Council ved IT-Universitetet

Mia W. Jørgensen

Polyteknisk Forening

Abu Bakar Ali

Mikkel Berrig

Studenterrådet ved Københavns Universitet

Malte Sauerland-Paulsen


CBS Students

David Johannes Treschow

Mikkel August Wallind

De Arkitektstuderendes Råd

Tomas Juhl


Ordinary members

Emilia Bøge Caliskan

Benjamin Elsholm

Kevin Hangaard Olesen

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