Students at Risk in Denmark

The National Union of Students (DSF) and Oxfam IBIS has written a proposal to implement Students at Risk in Denmark. This proposal is to a large extent inspired by the Norwegian programme, as the Danish implementation would benefit from being aligned with this.

Students at Risks is a scholarship programme that would support human rights activists, whose higher education is threatened as a result of their political work, to finish their higher education in Denmark. It’s a small-scale programme with a great value for the individual participant that shows the host country’s commitment to protecting human rights. The Norwegian programme has capacity to accept 20 students in 2020, and a Danish version of the programme is unlikely to exceed this.

For the programme to function optimally, it needs to be run in partnership with different institutions and organizations; including the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Danish embassies, universities in Denmark as well as nominating organization in Denmark and abroad.

The programme should be fully funded by the Government, and selected students should additionally be able to receive a full stipend equivalent to SU + SU-loan in accordance with the most updated rates.

The proposal is, that the programme runs in five phases; the nomination phase, the validation phase, the admission phase, the residence permit phase and the relocation phase. The proposal also includes a list of nomination criteria that should apply on selecting students for the programme. An important aspect of the programme it to assess the “at-risk-status” of the participant and balance these with their academic qualifications.

You can see our proposal for implementation of Students at Risk here.